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Shirley — I Will Live My Life with the Help of My Guardian Angels

I grew up in Loudoun as part of a large family. But, now I am fighting a battle with colon and liver cancer all alone. No one in Loudoun should have ...

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Carol — Sounding Board. Advocate. Cheerleader.

In 2012, I founded Crossroads Jobs to help people in Loudoun find employment. Our applicants are not affluent. They face tough challenges to staying ...

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Bo & Enid – Service Defines Who We Are and How We See the World

My mother and I founded a nonprofit to help new immigrants find their way through a system that can seem daunting to navigate. My mother had ...

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Charlotte — It’s So Rewarding to Follow Your Passion to Serve

I am the Executive Director at Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing. I love the fact that Blue Ridge can serve anyone. We work with newborns and elderly ...

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LaTisha — The Key to Surviving Mistakes is Learning and Growing from Them

In 2015, I moved to Loudoun County to escape a bad relationship. I was 31 and had three daughters. At first, we slept in hotel rooms or at friends’ ...

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Alora with her pitbull

Alora — Living on Your Own in Loudoun Forces You to Grow Up Fast

I worked two jobs since the age of 15. At 19, I moved out. I wanted to be independent and self-sufficient. I began paying my bills and my taxes, but, ...

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Lakshmi – Childhood Memories Sparked a Lifelong Ambition to Serve

I was in third grade when my family moved back to India. Beggars walked past my home every day asking for water and food. Since then, I have always ...

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Michoale – How Do I Tend My Children Once My Day-Care Assistance Ends?

After 17 years of addiction, I left my DC home with my 3-week-old twin boys and moved to a Loudoun shelter. After 3 months, I found a job—one that I ...

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Jaclyn – Undiagnosed Lyme Disease Put My Life on Hold

Ten years ago, I had a dream job where I was by all measure a top performer. But, I started feeling “off.” Eventually, I went to a long line of ...

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Greg – A Near-Fatal Stroke Can Give You Perspective on Life

In 2002, I had a stroke. I was rushed to the local hospital, where a renowned stroke specialist put three stints in my brain and one in my neck. ...

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Brianna – I Refuse to ALLOW Two Seconds to Define My Life

I was the victim of cyber bullying in 8th grade, and my counselor actually told me it was all my fault. I never realized how cruel kids could be. By ...

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Rick – Opiod ADDICTION is in Our Own Backyard

My daughter was 19 when she lost her mother to cancer. She was deeply troubled by her loss and turned to her mother’s opioid meds for an escape from ...

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