LaTisha — The Key to Surviving Mistakes is Learning and Growing from Them

In 2015, I moved to Loudoun County to escape a bad relationship. I was 31 and had three daughters. At first, we slept in hotel rooms or at friends’ ...

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Lakshmi – Childhood Memories Sparked a Lifelong Ambition to Serve

I was in third grade when my family moved back to India. Beggars walked past my home every day asking for water and food. Since then, I have always ...

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Michoale – How Do I Tend My Children Once My Day-Care Assistance Ends?

After 17 years of addiction, I left my DC home with my 3-week-old twin boys and moved to a Loudoun shelter. After 3 months, I found a job—one that I ...

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Sean – Autism is a Diagnosis NOT a Life Choice

Since as long as I can remember, I have been different. I really wanted to be more like my classmates—to be normal. But I just couldn’t. Eventually, ...

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Raven – The Family Car Should NOT Be the Family Home

A few months after moving from Georgia to Loudoun County, everything had gone horribly wrong. We found ourselves sleeping in my car, relying on food ...

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