Health Care

Linda – I Found My Passion for Local Healthcare Education Abroad

As a doctoral student in archaeology, I lived and led excavations near remote villages. Every evening, after the work was done, I would spend time ...

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Bobbi — You don’t have to feel alone when you are blessed with a special needs child

  I was in my mid 30s and pregnant with my first child when I went in for an echocardiogram. I knew something was wrong the minute they put me in ...

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Nick — The Only Food Your Infant Can Eat is Not a “Supplement”

I moved into Loudoun County in 2003, and I have been a deputy sheriff here since 2005. In 2010, my middle child began having serious health issues. ...

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Keely — Persistence and Love Unlocked My Child’s Silence

My son Mason was 2 years old when he started to bang his head against the wall—all the time. I took him to many doctors and therapists, and they all ...

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Carol — Healthcare Without Barriers

I started my nonprofit career working with people struggling with HIV/AIDS. This work opened my eyes to the many and diverse barriers that often ...

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Shirley — I Will Live My Life with the Help of My Guardian Angels

I grew up in Loudoun as part of a large family. But, now I am fighting a battle with colon and liver cancer all alone. No one in Loudoun should have ...

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Charlotte — It’s So Rewarding to Follow Your Passion to Serve

I am the Executive Director at Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing. I love the fact that Blue Ridge can serve anyone. We work with newborns and elderly ...

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Lakshmi – Childhood Memories Sparked a Lifelong Ambition to Serve

I was in third grade when my family moved back to India. Beggars walked past my home every day asking for water and food. Since then, I have always ...

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Jaclyn – Undiagnosed Lyme Disease Put My Life on Hold

Ten years ago, I had a dream job where I was by all measure a top performer. But, I started feeling “off.” Eventually, I went to a long line of ...

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Greg – A Near-Fatal Stroke Can Give You Perspective on Life

In 2002, I had a stroke. I was rushed to the local hospital, where a renowned stroke specialist put three stints in my brain and one in my neck. ...

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Cesar – Life Does Not End When You Flee to Another Country

Nine years ago, my family and I fled Venezuela when a dictator took over. I was terrified for my wife and two young children. So, I abandoned a ...

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Sean – Autism is a Diagnosis NOT a Life Choice

Since as long as I can remember, I have been different. I really wanted to be more like my classmates—to be normal. But I just couldn’t. Eventually, ...

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