Bob – A Lifetime of Helping Neighbors

Bob has always focused on giving back. He simply enjoys helping others. His service goes back to his young adulthood, when he went to India with the Peace Corps. Since then, Bob has been an active member of community service organizations. After retiring from the State Department, he volunteered to work at a Washington DC arts museum. For the past several years, Bob has served on several nonprofit boards, but he simply prefers the hands-on work of volunteering.

Loudoun County attracts immigrants, Bob observes, because of its wealth and opportunities. But, it is expensive to live here, so hard-working families often struggle to make ends meet. “I keep hearing about more and more need. I just want to contribute. And, it has certainly led to an interesting life.”

About 5 years ago, Bob started working with a local organization dedicated to helping the elderly and infirm stay in their homes. The group delivers food to local shut-ins and provides transportation to folks who need to get to doctor’s appointments, buy food at the grocery store, or run other errands that make independence a possibility. In Bob’s case, he picks Ann up at a local medical center every Friday afternoon and drives her home. He is diligent about arriving on time and radiating a quiet cheerfulness because he knows how draining hours of dialysis can be and the toll it takes. Ann appreciates the transportation service but also Bob’s caring and respectful approach.

More recently, Bob has become increasingly concerned about the cost of living in Loudoun, especially for those who dedicate their lives to service: police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and teachers. “They just don’t make enough to live here,” Bob explains.  He hopes that county residents will take more notice and find ways to impact the quality of life for people who live and work here.

Won’t you heed the call and join the fight to End the Need in Loudoun?