Alora with her pitbull

Alora — Living on Your Own in Loudoun Forces You to Grow Up Fast

I worked two jobs since the age of 15. At 19, I moved out. I wanted to be independent and self-sufficient. I began paying my bills and my taxes, but, ...

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Lakshmi – Childhood Memories Sparked a Lifelong Ambition to Serve

I was in third grade when my family moved back to India. Beggars walked past my home every day asking for water and food. Since then, I have always ...

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Nery – Losing a Job with Four Babies to Feed is Scary

Shortly after buying a home for our family of six, my husband and I both suddenly lost our jobs. We were unemployed for a full 3 months. With 4 babies ...

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Danni – Medicine for Me or Food for My Family?

Every day, I have to decide between feeding my two daughters or keeping my MS at bay. That reality was almost unbearable for me. There seemed to be ...

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Raven – The Family Car Should NOT Be the Family Home

A few months after moving from Georgia to Loudoun County, everything had gone horribly wrong. We found ourselves sleeping in my car, relying on food ...

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