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Ramy – Learning English Helped Unlock My Potential

As a boy growing up in Egypt, I always dreamed of living in the U.S. When I was in my late 20s, I won a visa lottery that allowed me to follow that dream. The moment I arrived, I knew had a tough road ahead of me.

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Suzie — Teen Suicide Prevention Takes Root in Loudoun’s Schools

I lost my son, Ryan, to suicide. He had been bullied from a young age and struggled fitting in socially because he was different. One day, life just became too much. No teen in Loudoun should have to feel so hopeless that they want to give up on life.

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The Mean Donor
Meet Susan. She’s here to represent the mean donor in Loudoun County. Rather than mean, I should really say “average” donor. She might surprise you. Susan is great. But, chances are, she leaves Loudoun County every day for work. (50% of Loudoun residents do.) That commute negatively affects Susan’s ties to her community with fewer business connections and probably less knowledge of her community. Read More>